Exchanges of Students and Faculty Between the United States and Bhutan

We promote understanding of traditional Bhutanese medicine in the West through academic exchanges of students and faculty with  Bhutan.  We partner with the George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences International Medicine Programs to provide highest levels of academic excellence and support. 

We are also developing and plan to launch in collaboration with the George Washington University Business School unique Medical Schole Tours that will allow academic and culturally respectful travelers to visit the National Institute of Traditional Medical Sciences, traditional and Western clinical facilities, to interact with practitioners and to experience first hand the integration of Western and traditional medical services to the people of Bhutan. 

We support Bhutanese controlled relations with Western pharmaceutical companies to assist in identification and production of traditional medicines.

The Foundation actively supports the integrated practice of traditional medicine in the health-care system and  the  cultural uniqueness of its underlying theory and practice.

Read a brief narrative of how H.E. Dujom Rimpoche assisted the new Pediatric Ward in 1983 to solve a difficult cross-cultural challenge:  Ghosts in the Ward (excerpt from R. Morrow, "Anthropology in the practice of medicine," Proceedings of the Southern Anthropological Society, 1997).

Traditional Medical Services Booklet, 2005

Innovatons in Integration of Traditional Bhutanese Medicine, presented by Ian Barrrows and Dr. Morrow at Prevention 2014 in New Orleans, LA